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Business Name: BigfootDS, Bigfoot Design Studios
Founding date: December 22nd 2015
Projects: Planet Protector VR (Steam, Google Play)
Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
About Us

BigfootDS is an indie developer & team of one, creating games & content for a variety of devices - consoles, smartphones, computers, and virtual reality headsets.

Though the current focus is on game & VR development, BigfootDS also teaches, trains, and consults others in their game development efforts as well.

Schools, colleges, and businesses in the greater Sydney region of Australia call on BigfootDS to learn more about the latest & greatest technologies & industry trends in all things games & virtual reality.


Alex Holder began BigfootDS in December 2015 with a focus on graphic design, moving into the game development sphere in early 2016 upon joining the Nintendo Developer Program.

By late 2016, a colourful puzzle-platformer game by the name of Colourzone was developed as part of Alex's studies at the Academy of Information Technology for the Nintendo Wii U. Colourzone was scrapped by the end of 2016, but it opened new doors to BigfootDS by that time as well.

Jumping into the XR sphere - virtual reality & augmented reality - BigfootDS began creating games & teaching others how to create games & VR content as well. From late-2016 onwards, BigfootDS balanced both game development and education, all while growing business as usual too.

Planet Protector VR is the first commercial product from BigfootDS, being still in development ("early access") and available on most virtual reality headsets as of October 2017. Development is ongoing, as new headsets come out and headset manufacturers request the game to support the new headset.


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BigfootDS is just one person - Alex!
7 Kelly St is the location of his day job at Coder Academy. Please arrange a visit in advance before rocking up.

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